Xie Zhiwei, the representative of my country in Germany, published a creative article this morning using the homophonic pronunciation of Xueba and Xueba. The content shared that "Xueba is maladaptive, and his head will be dizzy, called altitude sickness, Xueba is maladaptive, and his brain will increase. It's called macrocephaly," adding that "Taiwanese are 'humble', but they are discriminated against as 'very humble'."

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] This morning, Xie Zhiwei, the representative of my country in Germany, published a creative article using the homophonic pronunciation of Xueba and Xueba. The bad will make the brain swell, which is called macrocephaly." He also pointed out that "Taiwanese people are 'humble', but they are discriminated against as 'very humble'", "They thought Taiwan Shepa was in the election campaign? Sun Yat-sen. Now we are flooding Taiwan with the sea—Zhongnanhai. No, Sheiba is not fighting an election battle, Sheiba has always fought to defend Taiwan.”

Gao Hongan, a candidate for the mayor of Hsinchu, of the People's Party, recently made a statement that he was questioned about showing off his academic qualifications and fighting schools.

Xie Zhiwei, the representative of our country in Germany, wrote on Facebook this morning. He said with a smile, "In Taiwan, my 'Xueba' used to be a big hit for a while. However, I don't know when it started, and the 'Xueba' started to dominate. It's been a while."

He said, "Xueba and Xueba, both of us are equally unattainable, and we have difficulties in adapting to each other." He also pointed out that "Xueba's maladaptation will cause dizziness, which is called altitude sickness, and Xueba's maladaptation will cause his brain to grow. It's called macrocephaly."

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Xie Zhiwei pointed out that Taiwan belongs to the subtropical zone, and snow is not common. Usually, only when there are various competitions or elections, when someone wants to make a comeback, they will think of snow, saying that it is used to wash away their shame.

He also pointed out that although the snow-capped mountains are 3,886 meters high, there are people outside the mountains, and there are mountains outside the mountains. The 3,952-meter Yushan makes the snow-capped mountains can only be called "sub-high mountains". There are also banks, forums, and scholars. It’s true that the mountains are full of peach blossoms and people go home, but my snow-capped mountains are full of bean-flowers blowing against the wind.” However, “I have no banks, no forums, and no scholars in my snow-capped mountains. Fortunately, there are also lion flags. Snow falls on the green hills, the rain has thick smoke, and the East Turkistan, Tibet, is full of glory.”

Xie Zhiwei also said, "The local new high mountains and the second high mountains are not as good as the new Sun Yat-sen. Some scholars will enter the pavilion as soon as they climb up to Sun Yat-sen. However, it is not that we Xueba can enter without a pavilion. The pavilion we enter, but Natural and beautiful Taroko."

He also pointed out that "some so-called Xueba want to study abroad, and they have Zhongshan scholarships three times a year. Our native Xueba can only go up the mountain and risk life all year round to chop firewood and save money", "Xueba's life If you don't study abroad, you will bleed first. Xueba can have the "Zhongshan Scholarship", and we won't lose if we lose the mountain. Anyway, Xueba also has the "Mountain Scholarship". However, no matter how high the mountains in Taiwan are, once they encounter Sun Yat-sen, all the mountains in Taiwan will always be "Second High Mountain"".

Xie Zhiwei also pointed out that if Xueba is a mountain, Xueba is not a mountain at all, but a valley.

He also pointed out that Taiwanese people are "humble", but they are discriminated against as "very humble".

He also said, "The one who came from Shenzhou was called Sun Yat-sen, and the one from Japan was called Sun Yat-sen. There really is a "grandson" in the "Xun"! Did those who discriminate against Taiwan know about this?", "They thought that Taiwan Sheba was there. Fighting the election? In the past, we used the mountains to overwhelm Taiwan—Sun Yat-sen. Now we use the sea to submerge Taiwan—Zhongnanhai. No, Sheiba is not fighting an election battle. Sheiba has always fought to defend Taiwan.”

He also mentioned that "after the Japanese left, overnight, the new and sub-high mountains in the local area were ruthlessly crushed by the foreign Sun Yat-sen. This was the biggest 'mountain disaster' in Taiwan. To this day, there is no national compensation. I mean: no country can compensate".

The publication of the article's PO also aroused netizens' responses: "There is no country to pay for, smile and smile, and tears flow out", "Humorous and witty, the real connotation Xueba, Taiwan ambassador, hard work", "Ambassador, you didn't mention another thing." A tyrant is a 'duck tyrant'. The Kuomintang has been a duck tyrant in Taiwan for decades, and it still continues to occupy the Legislative Yuan rostrum in a duck tyrant.", "Xueba Sheba, Zhongshan Mountain... However, I am most afraid: "Xueba" has become "evil tyrant", voters follow "zhongxie", that is the misfortune of the country and society...", "High education does not equal high morality", "Although it is lighthearted and humorous When I read it, I felt a little sad in my heart", "We Taiwanese are humble, not very humble, it is the Kuomintang that is suppressing" and so on.