It became a rumor that quickly spread online.

The case of the detention of Chinese President Xi Jinping and a possible coup

Recently, there has been a confirmation from Thai experts that

It's just a rumor

But the Chinese authorities have not officially responded to this issue.

and amid the suspicion of people around the world

This might be a rumor strategy.

to create a negative image for China's supreme leader

Before the Communist Party General Assembly this October

It is expected that Xi Jinping will be presented as president for a third term.

In the midst of the "One China" policy, the superpowers are keeping an eye on the conflict.

especially the United States

Announced to be ready to send help if China invades Taiwan.

And on August 2, 2022, past "Nancy Pelosi", Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

visited taiwan

in the midst of tension

and prompt response from China

Until many countries around the world are concerned about the confrontation.

Asst. Prof. Kanyakan

Sathien Sukhon” Lecturer at Law and Politics School

Suan Dusit University analyzes that from rumors of a coup d'etat of the supreme leader of China

There is a very small possibility because Xi Jinping has been in power for a long time.

As a result, close people were appointed in almost every important position.

especially those who will serve as commissioners of the Communist Party

In the past, China's coup d'état has been difficult.

But there will only be a change in the leader who will come to rule instead.

“The Communist Party of China is decentralized.

that may have overlaps in power

But there may be some rebellion by soldiers who are not satisfied with the leadership's orders.

But with the current situation of the Chinese army

There is still no military leader who has a strong conflict with the leader.

Therefore, there is not enough reason for this to happen according to rumours.

Even before the removal of senior leaders

but because of corruption

The Chinese government has always emphasized on transparent work.”

Xi Jinping's absence may have some internal reasons.

that are analyzed

from health problems

or being infected with COVID-19


can not immediately come out to respond to rumors

If analyzed from the factors that have occurred at the moment, China is still implementing strict anti-COVID policies.

go for a walk in the mall

If the authorities find out, the mall will be closed for cleaning immediately.

Therefore, the Chinese government is trying not to have news that.

Chinese civil servants infected with coronavirus

because it will affect the credibility of the people

From the observations on the Chinese online world

Found that people are starting to be dissatisfied with the government's strict anti-COVID measures.

Because some people are of the opinion that the government should relax the measures to prevent covids.

So if the country's leader is infected with covid

Then came out to appear during the quarantine.

will make people more dissatisfied with the government

which is still just a forecast

That still has to wait for clarity from the Chinese government again.

Keep an eye on Chinese political implications in October

"Asst. Prof. Kanyakan" said that the phenomenon of this rumor is mostly spread from online news in India.

Asst. Prof. Kanyakan analyzed that it was another interesting issue.

Because China and India

have adjoining border areas

In the past, there have been conflicts around the border.

The creation of this rumor may have political implications.

so that many countries lack confidence in Chinese leaders

“The border areas of China and India have been in conflict for a long time.

even though it doesn't have a lot of space

But efforts have been made in the past to create an agreement with Kashmir's border areas.

But the two countries have yet to come to an agreement.

and has been a controversy to the present.”

for the Communist Party General Assembly this October.

Once again, the presence of Xi Jinping must be observed, as the party's leaders usually appear every year.

Or before the day of the general meeting, the Chinese authorities may come out to express their confidence to quell such rumors.

“If Xi Jinping does not appear in public on the day of the general meeting,

may affect national confidence

Because in the past, the policy against the conflicting parties has been vigorously

And with this policy, China takes national interests as a major principle, for example, the conflict in the South China Sea.

China has deployed its army

including the construction of the port

to come and occupy the territory in this area.”

part of ASEAN

In the past, China has tried to expand cooperation in many forms.

For the most part, China will be the beneficiary.

In the future, if China has a policy change

ASEAN countries may need to negotiate to gain more from China.

Currently, I want to wait for clarity from the Chinese authorities.

Because most rumors are not reliable enough.

Thai people themselves need to follow the news from China.

Because nowadays many businesses in Thailand

I have trade contacts with China.

and has a tendency to increase in the future

Therefore, the political and social situation of China

Therefore, it is considered to have a great influence on Thailand today.