Chen Shizhong was interviewed by the public video channel "36 Questions in Love with You".

(Extracted from "36 Questions to Love You" Facebook)

[Central News Agency] Chen Shizhong, a candidate for mayor of Taipei from the Democratic Progressive Party, was asked this evening if he wanted to see the night scene with Chiang Wan-an, a candidate for mayor of Taipei from the Kuomintang, or Huang Shanshan, a candidate for mayor of Taipei without a party membership. Chen Shizhong said that both wanted to be with him. belt, but neither will let him take it.

Chen Shizhong accepted the interviews of the hosts of the public video channel "36 Questions in Love with You", Yan Yalun, Wu ((female)) Ru and Tang Qiyang. The content of the interview will be broadcast tonight. The program first invites the public to score Chen Shizhong's emotional score, out of 100 points, Chen Shizhong 52 points.

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Aaron Yan first asked how to adjust to abuse received on the Internet or in real life.

Chen Shizhong said that everyone feels uncomfortable, but he just tries to keep this emotion to a minimum, and after swallowing it, he forgets it.

After listening to this method, Tang Qiyang began to analyze Chen Shizhong's constellation. She believed that Chen Shizhong was born with the ability to deal with emotions through alienation. Chen Shizhong asked, "Is this really related to the constellation?"

When it was Wu's turn to ask a question, Chen Shizhong said about his image when he was studying, that he should be a student who was a little rebellious, very hard to learn, and liked to sleep very much. I have narcolepsy; when I was asked to sit in the last row in class because it was convenient to skip class, Chen Shizhong laughed, saying that it would not disturb other people.

Facing the 3 hosts who kept asking about the purpose of skipping classes, Chen Shizhong did not respond positively. He only said that there are many places to go, "Young people will definitely find what they want to do", and asked the host "Don't you skip class?" Ever?" But Chen Shizhong emphasized that he does not encourage skipping classes.

Then Tang Qiyang asked questions about marriage and family. When talking about his wife Sun Wanling's resignation as the principal cello in order to take care of their two sons, Chen Shizhong hesitated for a while and then said, to be honest, he didn't think it was necessary. In fact, it should be possible for the two to share the care work Yes, there is no need to sacrifice too much unilaterally, "but my wife must be very angry when I say this."

Tang Qiyang asked again whether it was a natural occurrence for the younger son to study art.

Chen Shizhong said that because most of the occupations in the family belonged to the "teacher" generation, the younger son's learning of art had a big impact. At first, he was worried about what his son would do in the future because he didn't understand it, but then he figured it out, "Like What's the point of our lives, right?"

Chen Shizhong explained that if he hadn't become an administrative officer later, his life would have turned a corner, or his life would have been decided when he was admitted to the dentistry department at the age of 18 or 19, and the end could be seen. It's scary to think, "In the end, it is you who have mastered life. , or that life controls you.”

After the interview, Chen Shizhong's emotional score rose to 85 points, and Wu ((nv) Confucianism offered the ultimate torture and asked Chen Shizhong to choose his favorite host. After confirming the question twice, Chen Shizhong said that he liked all three people very much, It's hard to choose one.

Upon Chen Shizhong's request, Wu ((Nv's) Confucian changed the "more terrible" question and asked Chen Shizhong to answer whether he would take Jiang Wanan or Huang Shanshan to Yangmingshan to see the night scene. Chen Shizhong immediately said that this question was easier, and he wanted to take both of them. , but neither would let him bring them; he also asked the host to ask if he would like to watch the night scene together when he saw the two of them next time.