Non-party mayoral candidate Huang Shanshan attended the "Wanhua Shuangfu Palace Chongyang Respect for the Elderly" on the 25th to win public support.

(Photo by reporter Luo Peide)

[Reporter Zheng Mingxiang/Taipei Report] DPP Taipei City Councilor "Ke Hei" Wang Shijian said yesterday that he fully supports the party's nomination of the Taipei mayoral candidate Chen Shizhong, but emotionally he also favors the non-party candidate Huang Shanshan; Therefore, Huang Shanshan said today that Wang Shijian set up the campaign headquarters yesterday and sent 33 yellow roses to bless him. The election is only temporary, but colleagues and friends are forever. He emphasized that we should have a happy election and a happy vote.

Wang Shijian publicly praised Huang Shanshan many times, and mocked himself for the tug-of-war between reason and emotion. Although he fully supported Chen Shizhong intellectually, he favored Huang Shanshan emotionally; Huang Shanshan went to Wanhua Shuangfu Palace for incense this morning, and said in an interview after the meeting , Yesterday, I sent flowers to wish Wang Shijian the establishment of the campaign headquarters, and the election is only temporary, but colleagues and friends are forever.

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Huang Shanshan said in her Facebook post that she sent 33 yellow roses yesterday to represent blessings with flowers that symbolize friendship, and to commemorate the revolutionary feelings of the two people for many years. Being elected successfully, we will serve the people together. After all, friendship does not discriminate between parties. "It's that simple."

Huang Shanshan believes that the recent turmoil in the political arena has disappointed many voters, and politics cannot deviate from human nature. The fierce competition is to make society more advanced.

Applying rational supervision to replace the vile culture of splashing dirty water and personal attacks, and protecting the kindness that Taiwan's democratic society deserves, this is also what voters of all parties expect, an election campaign that will lift the city up.

Huang Shanshan also shouted, looking forward to Wang Shijian's questioning and returning surprises in the future, after all, he has never seen a meme repeat in 20 years, "be careful."