Dalits have complained about this to the higher authorities.


In a village in Uttar Pradesh, a case has come to light of Dalits being prevented from installing idols during Navratri.

The matter is of Mahoba district of the state, where the Dalits are being forbidden by a particular caste not to install idols on Navratri.

After this the Dalits have complained to the higher authorities.

The village head also reached with the Dalits to give an application to the higher officials. 

The matter is of Rawatpura Khurd village under Kulpahad Kotwali area of ​​Mahoba district.

It is being told that people of a particular caste here have forbidden the Dalits of the village to install the idol. 

The dispute about this did not increase much in the village, so Uma Devi Yadav, the head of the village took the lead.

Along with this, she reached the SDM and the jurisdictional officer to give an application regarding the victim's side. 

The higher officials have assured the villagers that you should get involved in the installation of the idol and make preparations.

Appropriate action will be taken against the culprits.