[Central News Agency] British Prime Minister Liz Truss said in an interview that allies should stand firm on Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine, need to continue to support Ukrainians, and should not listen to Russian President Vladimir Putin's threat of force.

In an interview with CNN, Truss called on like-minded democracies to stand firm against "authoritarian regimes".

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Putin recently issued a partial mobilization order and threatened to use nuclear weapons.

Truss pointed out that Putin was escalating Russia's military invasion of Ukraine because he did not win and made a strategic mistake.

"I don't think he anticipated the responsiveness of the free world," Truss said in an interview that aired today.

"We should not listen to his threats of force and bluff. Instead, what we need to do is continue to impose sanctions on Russia and support the Ukrainians," she added.

Truss also pointed out in the interview that Britain's allies must cooperate in their positions on China and Russia.

The host also asked whether the UK would, like the US said, defend Taiwan militarily if China invaded. She replied: "We are determined to work with our allies to ensure that Taiwan can defend itself." 1110926