Craftsman Ke Jianhua (left) said that the "Golden Mazu" was made of copper inside and outside gold, but the whole body really had 276 kilograms of gold, and the informant had no knowledge of physics.

(Extracted from Ke Jianhua's Facebook)

[Reporter Ou Sumei/Taichung report] The "Golden Mazu" of Zhenlan Palace in Dajia was questioned as not pure gold, and it was certified by the court that the interior was made of copper. , and the whistleblower has no physical knowledge, because to make the 4.2-foot-high "Golden Mazu", of course, one must first cast a copper mold, and then use 276 kilograms of gold donated by believers to form a gold plate and then assemble it. The outside world has repeatedly rumored "Golden Mazu". It's gold foil, it's just random speculation, how dare he cheat when he accepts the commission, absolutely 276 kilograms of gold is used on "Golden Mazu".

Zhenlan Palace in Dajia cast and sculpted millions of gold medals that believers repaid many years ago into a "Golden Mazu" with a height of 4.2 feet and 270 kilograms. At the end of last year, people reported the director of Zhenlan Palace to the Taichung District Prosecutor's Office. Changyan Qingbiao was involved in fraud and other crimes. The prosecutors concluded the investigation a few days ago. They did not prosecute for more than 10 years and found that "Golden Mazu" was "solid copper".

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Ke Jianhua, the craftsman who made "Golden Mazu", said angrily, "The whistleblower has no physical knowledge at all!" He emphasized that the 4.2-foot-tall statue must be made entirely of gold, requiring 2 tons of gold, which is impossible at all. To find so much gold, "Golden Mazu" is made of copper blocks, and then uses 276 kilograms of gold offered by believers, smelted into gold plates and assembled, and then carved and carved, so that ordinary people can't see the connection. This technology is completely Only he can do it, it's a real kung fu.

Ke Jianhua emphasized that the 276 kilograms of gold donated by believers were all used for "Golden Mazu", stressing that "this is what I was entrusted to do, how dare I cut corners!" Report action.