Even though the Vegetarian Festival has been around for over 400 years in China.

And it's probably more than 100 years to 150 years since the Vegetarian Festival spread to Thailand.

by Chinese brothers who migrated to Phuket, Trang, Phang Nga and many southern provinces

but developed into

“National Festivals” are widely popular.

Both Chinese and Thai brothers and sisters all over the country, probably about 20 years ago.

Wherever we go around Thailand, we will see yellow flags with the word "J" written in Chinese characters.

Some Thai characters are in the middle of the flag...all are embroidered.

both at the fresh market, supermarket

Including many restaurants that temporarily change the menu from "normal" to "vegetarian" menu during the festival.

What is delightful is

In the number of people who turn to vegetarianism every year, there are many young people and teenagers.

I myself, even though I've never eaten vegetarian as a story, type 9 full days with every meal.

I'm good at just eating some meals for 2 because I go into a restaurant and can't find anything else to eat.

causing the need to eat vegetarian food with necessity

But I sincerely admire this festival...and will always write about it in full column sometimes.

not full column

Since the first year

"Vegetarian Festival" stepped up to be

"National Festival" continues until this year.

The main reason is because the Vegetarian Festival is a festival of goodness...

A festival that reminds people of the word sin and forgiveness.

as well as teaching them to have compassion for their fellow human beings to the “animals” together with the living world.

It is well known that

When the nation develops

People have to compete with each other to eat and use each other to earn more money than in the past.

may have forgotten the teachings about sin and forgiveness

become more selfish

more dishonest

and greedy for more

until forgetting morals and goodness

Our country also adheres to this law of development.

is that there will always be more and more bad people

hence the emergence of

“Vegetarian Festival” which emphasizes people to stop sinning

turned to make merit to offer to the Bodhisattva for up to 9 days, so it has greatly contributed to helping "break" bad things

as a result of the development and growth of the country

At least 9 days in a year when we have a "yellow flag" to help cleanse the mind, it should have contributed to the reduction of many bad things, more or less.

So I have to "thank you" who doesn't know or "invisible hand" from nowhere to be inspired.

"Vegetarian Festival", a valuable but popular in a narrow circle of Chinese brothers and sisters, especially in the south...can eventually become a "national" merit-making festival.

I am confident that from today until October 4, Thailand will be filled with “yellow flags, red letters” once again.

The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce recently released a survey showing that 66 percent of Thais said they would not go vegan for various reasons, and only 34 percent.

who insists on vegetarianism because it is a festival of merit and intends to make merit

But spending and spending during this year's vegetarian festival will reach 42,235 million baht, about 5.2 percent higher than last year, and the first increase in 12 years since 2009.

conclude that

Although the percentage of vegetarians does not look very much

But the current money has increased considerably.

This year should therefore be another busy year.

2 days ago, Thairath Online

Put down the prayers before eating vegetarian.

Written in Thai but pronounced in Chinese

along with suggesting

Such prayers will complement the purification of the heart and increase the merit.

Those who are interested in "Google" can search for it.

by typing the word

"Prayer before vegetarianism...Thairath" will have a prayer as a guide to recite for more complete blessings.

May the happiness, body and soul arising from "dharma" and practices for purity during the Vegetarian Festival 2022 happen to all readers.