A netizen posted on Dcard, saying that he scored 865 in the TOEIC test, but he was scolded by his friends at the party and the test was bad, which made the netizen feel quite hurt.

(taken from Dcard)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Many colleges and universities will use the TOEIC score test as a graduation condition, and many companies will also consider this as a selection consideration when recruiting talents.

Some netizens recently posted on the Internet that their TOEIC test score was 865 points, but they were "disgusted" by friends at a party, which made the original Po feel quite hurt, and the post caused heated discussions.

A female college student posted on Dcard on the 24th, saying that because she had never taken the Duoyi test, it happened that the school had a graduation threshold, so she went to apply for the Duoyi test a while ago and got a score of 865 points. However, a friend took the initiative to mention it at the party. Yuan Po said that she scored 865 points in the test, but her friend directly criticized the test for being bad, which made her feel bad.

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Afterwards, the more Yuan Po thought about it, the more strange it became. He wondered why the friend never disclosed his grades. He only refuted the teaching materials and viewpoints used by the original Po. In the end, the original Po did not forget to laugh at himself and bluntly said, "865 should be okay, right? ...".

As soon as the post came out, it sparked heated discussions among netizens, "the other party must be less than 800", "laugh at your friend, there is a big problem with personality, it's uncomfortable to get along with, it is recommended to break up", "800 is not bad, now the white-collar office worker It's enough, the point is whether you dare to speak", "Clam? Are you stinking with your mouth? You shouldn't be choking even if you take a 400 test!"