The Sofia City Prosecutor's Office (SGP) charged 39-year-old D.L. and detained him for up to 72 hours in connection with a traffic accident, as a result of which one person died and two others were injured.

The pre-trial proceedings in the case were initiated on 25.09.2022 as an emergency in view of the scene of the accident and are being conducted in the "Investigation of Transport Crimes" Sector at the "Investigation" Department at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications under the direction and supervision of the SGP, the state prosecution announced.

At the initial stage of the investigation, evidence was collected, which the supervising prosecutor assessed as sufficient to make a justified conclusion that on 25.09.2022 at around 04:05 a.m. on the Ring Road, while driving a car, D. L . violated the rules regarding the speed of traffic on the roads and caused a traffic accident by hitting a car moving along the road, driven by the 46-year-old Bulgarian citizen P.P., in which the 64-year-old L.P. and the 62-year-old woman were traveling B.L. – French citizens.

The impact resulted in the death of the passenger L.P., who died on the spot.

Serious accident in Sofia, one person died

P.P. and B.L. were injured, the latter admitted for life-threatening treatment.

D.L. refused to be tested on the spot for alcohol and drug use, but subsequently provided samples for testing at the VMA.

An examination was appointed to establish whether the driver D. L. was driving the car after consuming alcohol and/or drugs.   

An inspection of the scene of the accident was carried out, during which the cars involved in the accident were seized as material evidence.

A sketch of the accident scene and a photo album with the photos taken during the inspection have been prepared.

Witnesses were interviewed and expert reports were appointed.

By decree of a prosecutor in the SGP, the accused D. L. was detained for a period of up to 72 hours.

The SGP is about to submit to the court a request to take a remand measure "detention in custody" in relation to the accused.

The investigation into the case continues with questioning of witnesses, carrying out the necessary examinations, as well as other investigative actions to clarify all the circumstances of the case in accordance with the requirements of the law.