Military expert Oleg Zhdanov commented on the use of K-51 gas grenades by the occupiers at the front.

The Russians used this grenade in the South Buz direction on September 24.

The expert emphasized that this grenade already belongs to chemical weapons

"It contains pepper spray, but in a much higher concentration than the grenades used by the police to disperse demonstrations. It contains powder, a plastic case, and the fuse is the same as that of a regular grenade," Zhdanov explained.

According to him, this grenade is effective mainly in closed rooms for "smoking out" an enemy who does not have a gas mask.

"With a gas mask, all problems disappear. This grenade was dropped from a drone on our positions. Since the area was open and medics worked very quickly, there were no casualties. But the very fact of using chemical weapons is very alarming. Let's see the reaction of the West," said the expert.

As adds, K-51 gas grenades were actively used by Russian forces during the battles for the Donetsk airport in 2015.

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