Naseth, deputy director of the CIA Museum, explained the model of Bin Laden's mansion when the US Navy SEALs killed Bin Laden in 2011.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is one of the most important intelligence agencies in the United States, and it seems to the outside world to be covered with a veil of mystery.

The CIA "Museum" was recently refurbished to display declassified artifacts from many well-known operations since its establishment 75 years ago. Although this "museum" is not open to the public, the declassified artifacts still show the legendary color of the CIA since its establishment.

According to a Reuters report, the CIA "museum" is actually located in the corridor of the CIA headquarters. Janelle Neises, deputy director of the museum, and director Robert Byer led the media on the 24th to visit the declassified artifacts on display after the renovation. "We use our artifacts to tell the story of the CIA's past, which is a way for the CIA to be honest and transparent, although in the nature of an intelligence agency, transparency can sometimes be difficult," Seth said.

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The museum displays hundreds of artifacts, some of which have been on display since the 1980s. Declassified artifacts include the AKM assault rifle used by the U.S. Navy SEALs to kill Osama bin Laden in 2011, the former Iraqi president The leather jacket worn by Saddam Hussein when he was arrested in 2003, the flight suit of the U-2 pilot during the Cold War, the replica of the CIA and the British Secret Intelligence Service that spanned the East-West Berlin tunnel during the Cold War, and multiple spies task props.

The latest relic is the architectural model used by the CIA to report to President Biden at the end of July this year on the beheading plan of Al-Qaeda (Al-Qaeda) leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Deputy Curator Naseth said that the CIA from time to time borrows artifacts from the Presidential Library and other museums.

Although the CIA Museum is not open to the public, some of its exhibits can be viewed publicly on the Internet.

A mysterious message is hidden on the ceiling of the CIA museum.


The CIA reported to President Biden at the end of July the architectural model used to launch the plan to behead Savari, the head of the organization.


The CIA Museum also exhibits various spy props.


The golden rifle of former Iraqi President Hussein.