TSN shows one of those sections of the front, where the fighters went forward beyond the river, into villages that have already been beaten to such an extent that sometimes you can hardly find a place to hang a flag, where happy freed people do not run to meet them, because there are no residents left in the villages, where there are wounded you have to evacuate across the river, where there is nowhere to hide, instead you can clearly see when the enemy is fleeing.

There are continuous fields in the Mykolayiv region, where everything can be seen for many kilometers ahead - you can't think of a less successful place for war.

But here the Ukrainian armor rides between the iron sticking out of the ground.

But a few weeks ago, this territory was recaptured from the occupier by hard efforts.

"I understand that you want the war to end tomorrow or today, but it won't be an easy walk," the fighters say here.

Together with the Ukrainian land in 4 settlements, the Russian trophies also went to the Ukrainians, which will now be flown back to them.

But the fighters still have to deal with enemy artillery and aircraft.

There are often injuries here, and they have to be evacuated by military vehicles. "Thanks to the fact that we have vehicles that can swim, this helps us a lot very often," the local doctor assures.

It takes 40 minutes from the place of shelling to the hospital.

"There is no such state that everything is consistently bad, or consistently good, it can be that we can smoke bamboo for two days, and then not lower our hands for two days, there is no tendency towards any stability," say doctors.

The medic Roman tells us that the only stable and common wounds of soldiers here are shrapnel and contusions.

Ukrainian soldiers do not remain in debt, they give battle.

All this can be seen thanks to aerial reconnaissance, it records every step of the enemy.

"He runs away in a panic, and you think, yes, I am constantly watching you, wherever you are hiding, I will find you," the fighters laugh.

Now the fighters are fighting for the next village, where aerial scouts see blue and yellow colors in the middle of the ruins.

"It is very important that that flag hangs there, our boys fought for that village, many of our comrades died," said the military.

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