Keep an eye on Typhoon Noru

landing on the northern coast of the Philippines

before tending to move to the west

Heading to Vietnam, Lao PDR and Thailand, the Meteorological Department has warned people to be wary of the dangers of Typhoon Noru.

Reuters reports that Tropical Storm Noru has strengthened into a typhoon.

Prepare to move ashore in the northern Philippines.

The Philippine Meteorological Agency issued a public alert on Saturday, Sept. 24.

Beware of the influence of Typhoon Noru, which is expected to cause heavy rainfall and gusty winds in many northern Philippines provinces.

This is an area that has recently been hit by Tropical Storm Ma On last month.

The Philippine Meteorological Agency had previously forecast that Typhoon Noru would cause heavy rainfall in many provinces.

Including Kayakan and Isabela from Saturday night, Sept. 24, before the powerful storm made landfall today (Sept. 25).

The image of the trend direction of Typhoon Naru

to land in the northern Philippines

Heading west to Vietnam, Lao PDR, and northeastern Thailand.

The Xinhua news agency reported that the Lao PDR's Bureau of Meteorology and Hydrology has warned people across the country to be on the lookout for landslides, floods, gusts and heavy rain from the influence of Noru.

The Lao PDR's Bureau of Meteorology and Hydrology said that Typhoon Noru was heading for the northern Philippines from Saturday to Sunday (Sept. 24-25), then moving into Vietnam on Monday. on Sept. 26 and entered Lao PDR from Tuesday to Wednesday (September 27-28), which may bring moderate to heavy rainfall across the country.

In particular, heavy rains and first gusts will occur in the northern part of Lao PDR, including Vientiane.

Therefore, the public is warned to be vigilant and advise residents of risky areas to be prepared for sudden weather changes.

Cr photo : Twitter#TyphoonNoru