Executive President Su Zhenchang said today that vaccines are strategic materials. We must support our own countries to have such strategic materials, and of course we must strive for international recognition after passing scientific tests.

(Photo by reporter Ye Yongqian)

[Reporter Ye Yongqian/Pingtung Report] Japan's uncertified high-end vaccine for Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) has aroused criticism from the opposition party again; Executive President Su Zhenchang said in an interview today (25) that vaccines are strategic materials. To support his own country with such strategic materials, he is taking high-end vaccines; in addition, he was asked about Chen Jizhong, the chairman of the Agricultural Committee, who was involved in the research plagiarism case and the election of Chen Shizhong, a candidate for mayor of Taipei. Su Zhenchang emphasized that Chen Jizhong He has made it clear that he should not be distorted by the election. He is also quite confident in Chen Shizhong's election results.

Japan is open to tourism, but it has not certified high-end vaccines. If people who take high-end vaccines go to Japan, they have to pay for PCR at their own expense. Su Zhenchang said that vaccines are strategic materials. Taiwan is one of the few countries in the world that can produce vaccines. Of course, this kind of strategic material must be recognized by the international community after passing the scientific test, and he has given high-end vaccines.

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He said, in addition, because of the cooperation of our compatriots and the hard work of the front-line anti-epidemic personnel, all the efforts have come to this last mile. I hope everyone can be prepared in all aspects, so that our country can go to the world, and also Let the tourists from all over the world come in and see the beauty of Taiwan. We must do our best.

As for Chen Jizhong's alleged plagiarism in the 2012 research case, Su Zhenchang said that Chen Jizhong has a detailed explanation, and he clearly sees it, hoping that it will not be distorted by the election.

In the recent Taipei mayoral election, the famous Zhou Yukou attacked Jiang Wanan's life experience, and the focus of the election was blurred. Su Zhenri emphasized that in order to choose the local head, personal leadership and political opinions are very important. DPP candidates When Chen Shizhong was on the Executive Yuan team, he did his best and showed a very high level of leadership, and he was recognized by the world for his efforts in epidemic prevention and all aspects. Test, he is very confident in Chen Shizhong.

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Su Zhenchang stressed in an interview in Pingtung County today that personal leadership and political opinions are very important to elect a local head. He has great confidence in Chen Shizhong.

(Photo by reporter Ye Yongqian)