is the first name

Police Lieutenant General Damrongsak

Kittipraphat, the commander-in-chief of the police, poses for important positions

"Police mouthpiece" Pol Maj Gen Achayon Kraithong, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Immigration Bureau and spokesman for the Royal Thai Immigration Service, a police officer with full experience in investigations, investigations, prevention and suppression work.

and foreign affairs

Government life grew up with support agencies including the Tourist Police and Immigration Police.

can use English well

Because studying for a master's degree at

Southeastern University

University, Washington, D.C., USA

Only a small number of police officers are recruited for the FBI training course.

united states

in order to work in transnational crime cases

and international security work

With work experience and language communication will be beneficial to coordinate with all countries.

appropriate to the situation

especially the era situation

“Online media” communication must be fast and accurate.

Public relations work in the part of the work and creating social understanding about the role of the police. Every unit needs someone who understands the police work.

Deep understanding of news

To disseminate information on what society is interested in and clarify doubts related to police work

thinking and working

It is not difficult to explain what society suspects the police.

with the principle of working that

“You have to study the contents of every job thoroughly, whether it's acting as a supervisor or other jobs.

and does not leave his subordinates

are attentive to the interests of the government

Work in a fun, colorful way, because everything works, no matter what.

If we work with fun then the work will turn out well.

The important thing is to focus on doing our best.”

It's not unusual to be elected to serve as a spokesperson.

Police with experience that has been through police work in every field

The more you see the history, Maj. Gen. Achayon is a police officer of the distant future and is one of the few policemen who have been trusted to be a boss and two assistants to the police chief, Maj. Gen. Kowit Wattana and Pol Gen Wichian Potphosri, former police chiefs.

time is not different

Pol Maj Gen Achayon passed the police station work

tourist police

immigration police

Participate in the area to solve important crimes

and the case where a gang of foreigners came into the case of defrauding Thai brothers and sisters involved

The key is in the team to fight gangs, call centers and transnational crimes.

Which is a huge problem in Thailand at the moment.

The need for suppression and publicity work to prevent victims.

It should be the perfect fit for the new police spokesman.