The police and the gang work together to stop the fraud.

(provided by the police)

[Reporter Xu Guozhen / Taichung Report] The son of a woman surnamed Lin in Taichung City was recently diagnosed and quarantined. Unexpectedly, she received a call from a "fake son", deceived that she had loans and other expenses that needed to be paid urgently, and asked her mother to assist in remittance. He went to the bank to remit 150,000 yuan over the counter. After further understanding, the clerk found that there was something "trivial" in it. They notified the police to come to the scene to clear up the doubts and save Lin Fu's savings, and she frequently greeted everyone: "Thank you for saving me! "

Taichung City Third Branch Justice Police Station received a report on the 22nd that an 80-year-old woman surnamed Lin was suspected of being defrauded. Inspector Song Yitang and police officer Luo Jinting rushed to understand the cause. Lin's wife said that her son and daughter-in-law were recently diagnosed and quarantined, and they were suddenly received earlier that day. When my son called and said to change his mobile phone number, he also said that he had to pay for loans and other expenses urgently. He was unable to go out due to the diagnosis, and asked his mother to assist in remittance first.

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Since the other party's voice and tone were very similar to his son's, Mrs. Lin, who loved her son eagerly, had no doubt that he rushed to the bank to prepare remittances at the counter, and the other party also asked Mrs. Lin to transfer the money to the designated account of the commissioner of the Taiping branch of a certain bank, saying that the banker would Assisting with follow-up payment matters, but this "special service" made the staff feel that the matter is not simple, so they called the branch to ask, and they really found no such person!

After everyone's persuasion, Ms. Lin dialed her daughter-in-law's mobile phone to confirm. After her son answered the phone, she was stunned and replied, "I didn't change the phone!" The son also came to accompany him after receiving the notice. He criticized the fraud group for being really bad, and even his mother's life savings had to be defrauded. I am very grateful to the bank staff and police for their help in breaking this scam.

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Lin Fu (the one wearing the hat) was almost deceived by the "fake son".

(provided by the police)