The Russian army attacked


on the night of September 25 , once again damaging the houses of civilians.

There is a hit in the water supply network. 

This was reported by the mayor Oleksandr Sienkovych. 

According to him, repair crews and utility workers are currently working at the sites of shelling.

The mayor of the city promised to provide all the details and details about the consequences of the Russian shelling later.

"Today, after one in the morning, Mykolaiv came under shelling again. Residential buildings were damaged again. The water supply network was hit. Repair crews and utility workers are working on the ground. Currently, our specialists are inspecting the areas that came under shelling. I will write you more about the consequences later.

As reported, 

the length of the curfew is being increased in the Mykolaiv region.

We will remind you that the occupiers shelled Mykolaiv with "Smerchiv" and S-300 systems.

The mayor spoke about the destruction in the city.

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