The Russian authorities can use

the mobilization

to strengthen the units of the Russian Guard with additional forces. 

This is reported by the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain in a daily review.

On September 21, a well-known Russian nationalist member of the Duma of the Russian Federation Oleksandr Khinshtein called for the partial mobilization of the Russian armed forces to be extended to the Russian Guard.

"The units of the Russian Guard played an important role both in combat operations and in ensuring the security of the rear in Ukraine and are currently contributing to the holding of referendums on the annexation of the occupied territories," the message reads.

It is also noted that the force is intended to perform internal security functions to ensure the continuity of the Putin regime.

They were particularly ill-prepared for intensive hostilities in Ukraine.

"Given the need to suppress growing internal dissent in Russia, as well as the implementation of operational tasks in Ukraine, the Russian Guard will most likely have a special load. There is a real possibility that the mobilization will be used to strengthen the units of the Russian Guard with additional personnel," the report says. .

We will remind you that

Ukrainian prisoners of war can be forcibly mobilized in the Russian Federation.

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