, whose real name is

Oleksandr Yarmak

, has been defending Ukraine's independence on the front lines since the beginning of the full-scale war. 

Together with his brothers, the singer had to visit the de-occupied territories of Kharkiv region.

In his Instagram, Yarmak showed terrible footage from Izyum destroyed by the Russian occupiers.

They show abandoned cars and buildings damaged by shelling, fires, or shell fragments.

Storiz Yarmak / Photo:

"In Izyum, almost every building was damaged! Even if a house or a hut survived, everything was cut with fragments," the performer said. 

Storiz Yarmak / Photo:

The singer also added a poignant photo of a dog sitting sadly against the background of a destroyed city. 

"And this is a sad dog near his house, who, most likely, was abandoned by his owners," Yarmak captioned the photo.

Storiz Yarmak / Photo:

We will remind, earlier Yarmak told

how he got into the ranks of the Armed Forces and what he does at the front


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