It often happens that the children of stars choose a similar life path as their parents.

In particular, they devote themselves to creativity and achieve certain successes.

What's more, the children of celebrities confidently step up the career ladder.

They become as successful as their parents, or even surpass them.

The editors of the website have prepared a selection of star children who have gained popularity among fans and follow in the footsteps of their famous parents.

Daughter of Olya Polyakova

Masha Polyakova decided to follow in the footsteps of her star mother.

Yes, the girl is actively developing a musical career.

However, Maria decided to gain popularity with outrageous actions.

In particular, in Kyiv, the girl founded the rock band "ШВЫ" and already gave concerts.

True, not everyone may like Masha's repertoire, because the girl can sing swear words.

So, at the first concert, Polyakova Jr. performed a track with swear words: "Let me go to your advice, let me go."

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Published by Maria Polyakova (@mashapolyakova)

By the way, Maria is seriously engaged in vocals, because she is determined to become a famous singer.

Polyakova Jr. entered the prestigious music university BMus in London, Great Britain.

Olya Polyakova with her daughter Maria / Photo:

But Masha is not only engaged in music.

The girl is actively developing her blog, where she publishes life stories, memes or funny videos.

Currently, the girl has 164 thousand followers on Instagram, and their number is increasing all the time.

By the way, thanks to the blog, Masha earns her own money.

Daughter of Olena Kravets

The 19-year-old daughter of the star of the studio "Kvartal 95" Olena Kravets, like her mother, decided to connect her life with creativity.

Even though the girl is studying to be a PR specialist, she admires others.

Olena Kravets with her daughter / Photo:

Masha has been dancing freestyle for more than 10 years.

The girl studied dancing at one of the most popular schools in Ukraine.

After that, Masha took part in various dance competitions, including abroad.

By the way, last year Maria performed as a dancer at the New Year's corporate party of the Kvartal 95 studio.

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Publication by masha kravets (@maarriill)

Currently, the girl is actively developing her blog on Instagram.

She currently has 14,000 followers, but they are growing more and more every day.

By the way, Masha publishes photos from various photo shoots more and more often.

It is quite possible that the girl planned to do modeling.

Yevgeny Koshovoy's daughter

14-year-old Varvara Koshova is studying at a vocal school and has even tried to develop a musical career.

Varvara twice participated in the "Voice. Children" project.

So, for the first time she tried her hand in the third season, when she was 8 years old.

Then the little vocalist reached the "fight" stage.

In 2019, Varvara returned to "The Voice. Children-5" and reached the super final.

Currently, the girl communicates with fans only thanks to her blog, which has 20.6 thousand subscribers.

True, Varya rarely publishes photos and almost does not share details of her personal life.

Evgeny Koshevoi with his daughter Varvara / Photo:

By the way, Varvara even tried her hand at business.

Yes, the girl sells her own things online that she no longer wears.

Daughter of Yuriy Tkacha

The daughter of the star of the studio "Kvartal 95" Yury Tkacha - Elizaveta - begins to achieve considerable success at a young age.

Yes, the girl has already participated in the filming of various TV shows.

In particular, she helped the star tattoo to guess the heroes of the "Masquerade" project, which is on 1+1.

In addition, Lisa was a participant in "Make the comedian laugh", where she quite surprised the star dad.

Yuriy Tkach with his daughter

The Weaver's daughter also has a wonderful voice and sings well.

Yes, recently Lisa simply moved users with the performance of the song "Near Poplar" by the band Enej.

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The girl currently does not have her own blog, so mom and dad share her successes and achievements on their pages.

Oleksandr Pedan's daughter

Dad helps the girl build a career.

In particular, they took part together in the author's show Pedan, where they talked about Ukrainian higher educational institutions.

Oleksandr Pedan with his daughter / Photo:

But the girl is more involved in the development of her blog, where she advertises various products and, most likely, earns money thanks to this.

Currently, Valeria has 24,200 followers on Instagram, and their number is constantly increasing.

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