The drunk driving man ran away in front of the police, but after a 180-degree flick of the tail, he slipped and fell and was caught.

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[Reporter Hong Chenhong / Kaohsiung Report] Kaohsiung City Police Renwu Branch stopped the motorcycle rider named Wu. The witch man pretended to be inspected, and suddenly accelerated to try to escape, but staged a 180-degree tail flick in front of the police, slipping and crashing accidentally. He was caught after running less than 10 meters.

On the 24th, the police stationed in the Niaosong branch was patrolling Shennong Road in Niaosong District when they saw a 46-year-old man surnamed Wu riding a motorcycle turning without turning on the signal. He stopped and checked.

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During the police interrogation, the witch man pretended to show his documents to cooperate, but he did not expect to speed up and try to escape. As a result, the locomotive turned 180 degrees and slipped due to the panic operation. Alcohol breath test, the alcohol test value exceeds the standard.

Shao Nan confessed that he was a plumber and electrician, and because he drank alcohol at work, he wanted to run away because he was afraid that he would be sent to the court for drunk driving after being stopped by the police. Department of Investigation.

☆Excessive drinking is harmful to health.Drinking and driving is prohibited☆

The witch man flicked his tail 180 degrees, and the man and the car fell to the ground.

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The witch man (right) was sent to the police because the alcohol test value exceeded the standard.

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