In the midst of the atmosphere, "normal" is about to return.

from the case of COVID-19

It will become endemic in October, so it is urgent that the government of each country must seize this golden opportunity.

Whether it's bilateral or organized as a "package", multilateral negotiations are all appropriate.

Because the trend in the world stage is becoming more clear that they are ready to "move forward" in full force.

Of course, this move will come with obstacles from "political" problems because the situation at this time can be seen that there is a dichotomy.

especially the west-east pole

"US-Europe" and "China-Russia" until it is called the Cold War Part 2, no different from the past three decades.

But in a crisis, there is an opportunity.

Because there are still some countries that open a channel for "negotiating partners" not to choose sides.

Choose a lot of factions, such as "India", where all sides are touched.

western handshake

discuss east

The same is true for the ASEAN region where India adopted the "Ag East" (Forward East) policy to develop economic cooperation and relations in 2014.

According to the Department of International Trade Negotiation, the main products that Thailand exports to India are plastic pellets, chemicals, fats and oils from plants and animals.

and gems and jewelry, and imported are jewellery, gems, silver bars and gold.

machinery and components

There is a trade value of 14,940 million US dollars or more than 357,840 million baht, with Thailand exporting more than importing.

However, last week, Mr. Sansern Samalapa, Deputy Minister of Commerce

Attending the ASEAN-India Economic Ministers Meeting in Siem Reap, Cambodia, said that the problem foreseen is that the private sector is still

"Take advantage" that ASEAN-India cuts import tariffs of 0% from 73% of the total list of goods is quite low due to the "rules of origin" or the determination of which nationality of each type of goods.

to ensure that the “benefits obtained from the privileges

will fall on the product that is the real product of the country that is entitled to it.”

After this will be an opportunity to review the rules of origin in accordance with the production structure of ASEAN and Thailand to be more open.

It is interesting to see where the negotiations will go next.

But I personally hope that India will have a positive response both bilaterally.

and ASEAN pack

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the ASEAN-India negotiations

India also stated that 2022 is also the year of ASEAN-India friendship.

Tuk Pakkred