The political situation in China is being closely monitored.

After rumors spreading on social media that President Xi

China's Jinping was detained in a villa until the hashtag #XiJinping trended on Twitter.

But so far, the main media abroad have not confirmed any news of this matter.

And here's the basics of the source of why the rumors are happening online.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has been subjected to a coup d'etat by some military groups.

and color control

Jinping in the house

  • The Internet is full of reports that say

    “Something happened in China” has been speculated since the political coup.

    or military action against President Xi Jinping. There are also military movements in western China.

  • There is evidence that

    A large number of flights in some areas of China have been canceled.

    and no one saw

    President Xi Jinping has been in public for some time.

    At the same time, video clips of a number of military vehicles bound for Beijing were also published.

AFP has released the latest images of Chinese President Xi Jinping meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

in Uzbekistan on September 16, 2022.

  • However, until the morning of September 25, 2022, no official speculated about the news.

    Or confirm that there is such a military movement in western China or not?

    Moreover, rumors of a coup in China

    That being shared on social media is especially happening in India.

  • According to the opinions of political experts in China

    There is an opinion that

    There is no evidence to suggest at this time.

    There was a coup in China.

    in order to seize power from President Xi Jinping.

  • The South China Morning Post, the largest English-language media outlet in Hong Kong.

    There have been no reports of a political coup.

    or military in China until now in any way.

source: outlookindia