Before the honking of the whistle, the Taoyuan City National Sports Day Walk was performed by Lv Shuzhen, Honorary Chairman of the Sports Association of Bade District and City Councillor (1st from the left in the front row), and Duan Shuwen (1st from the right in the front row) to perform warm-up exercises. Warm up in the light rain.

(Photo by reporter Chen Enhui)

[Reporter Chen Enhui/Taoyuan Report] This year's "Taoyuan City National Sports Day - National Sports Day" was hosted by the Bade District Sports Association and appeared in the Bade Pond Natural Ecological Park. Representatives from the city's 13 district sports associations and districts A total of 2,700 people from the 51 li in the area poured into the Pitang Ecological Park early in the morning to prepare for a 4-kilometer walking activity. Before the whistle was blown, the honorary chairman of the Bade District Sports Association and City Councillor Lv Shuzhen and City Councilor Duan Shuwen conducted the event. The warm-up exercise for the conference made everyone warm up in the light rain.

Mayor Zheng Wencan delivered a speech and said that health is the most important value in life, and everyone should move, forget their troubles, and enjoy the beauty of sports.

And walking is also the best exercise. It can reduce the three heights, promote cardiopulmonary function, increase muscle strength, avoid bone loss, and have many benefits. At the same time, I would like to thank the Bade District Sports Association for hosting, allowing nearly 3,000 people to gather together. Make a move.

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Zheng Wencan said that this year's walking route starts from Bade Pond Ecological Park, and passes through the important irrigation channel "Da Nan Zhen" in Bade to reach Bade Zhixuan Palace and then turns back. The whole journey is about 4 kilometers. The route is very good.

The Bade Pond Ecological Park has a high utilization rate. It is not only the most representative park in the Bade area, but also retains the best Pitang culture. Therefore, the municipal government organizes the Pond Cultural Festival; the adjacent Dayan Pond Ecological Park, It is expected to be completed next year.

Zheng mentioned that the population of Taoyuan has grown against the trend of about 210,000 people, and construction and welfare in various districts have increased, including the establishment of pond parks, social housing, parent-child centers, public care centers, sports centers, sports parks, subsidies for childcare allowances, and elderly people. Health care has created a hydrophilic environment in Taoyuan through river remediation, and has continued to make steady progress. Many people therefore choose to work and live in Taoyuan, work hard for life, and pursue happiness.

Regarding the recent construction of Bade, Mayor Zheng shared that the North District Youth Activity Center is expected to be completed by the end of this year. One of the halls, "Taoyang Hall", has a miniature sports center, and the other hall, "Taobao Hall", contains early therapy. Facilities to meet the needs of teenagers and babies.

The Dayan Forest Park, which was originally the Dayan Camp Area of ​​the Baoyi Corps, houses a children's toy library and Bakucuo Folklore Art Village, which will be completed and opened at the end of this year.

Mayor Zheng Wencan (middle) delivered a speech and honked his whistle for the walk.

(Photo by reporter Chen Enhui)

Mayor Zheng Wencan, Sports Director Zhuang Jiajia, Honorary Chairman of Taoyuan Bade District Sports Association and City Councilor Lv Shuzhen, City Councilors Cai Yongfang, Duan Shuwen and others honked their whistle for the walk.

(Photo by reporter Chen Enhui)

In addition to the representatives of the sports clubs in the 13th district, Limin from the 51st district in the Bade district also formed a team to participate in the walking activity.

(Photo by reporter Chen Enhui)