Ukrainian singer

Olya Polyakova

decided to look at her daughter Alisa's phone.

And the artist came across a rather funny Telegram correspondence between a girl and her grandmother.

In particular, Alice did not recognize her relative.

Yes, the grandmother opened a new account and wrote to her granddaughter.

Alice, in her turn, began to ask questions "Who are you?".

When Svitlana Ivanovna answered that she was Alisa's grandmother, Polyakova's daughter was surprised again.

"What a grandmother," the girl wrote.

Correspondence of Polyakova's daughter with her grandmother / Photo:

"Alice's correspondence with her grandmother," Polyakova wrote briefly.

It will be recalled that Olya Polyakova sent her 10-year-old youngest daughter

to study at a

full-cycle school.

Alice did not want to go to such an educational institution, because the girl was not used to living without her mother.

However, Olya explained that these are the times that she cannot be with her all the time.

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