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Many accidents left people living in various streets and areas in Plovdiv and the region without water partially or completely on Sunday, BNR reported.

Broken water pipes are the cause of the lack of water on Mladost, Dr. Dobrev and Skopje streets in Plovdiv, where Vik's assurance is that the breakdowns will be fixed by the end of the day.

For the same reason, there are troubles in Asenovgrad, on the streets "Yellow Stone", "Industrialna" and in the village of Kozanovo.

Due to broken central water pipes, the water supply in the villages of Akhmatovo and Dragoynovo has been disrupted.

Some of the residents of the village of Parvenets in the Municipality of "Rhodopi" are without water.

A breakdown of the water supply is the reason for the partially disrupted water supply in the village.

Such a broken facility on the road to Markovo is the reason why there is no water in the Terasite neighborhood in the village of Parvenets.

Teams are working in places, and the water supply will be gradually restored after the repairs of the accidents, promise from the Waterworks - Plovdiv.