The campaign "For Thailand Slide" is still magical, elections to fix the president of Roi Et Provincial Administrative Organization "Seksit Wainiyompong", a former Roi Et MP for many terms.

The scores were left behind the competitors after the PAD used a cool stick to send "Ung Ing" to lead the army to help the campaign.

On 25 Sept. 65, reporters reported the atmosphere.

Vote counting of the election results for the President of the Roi Et Provincial Administrative Organization

(Roi Et Provincial Administrative Organization) in front of the office of the Roi Et Provincial Administrative Organization

There are a total of 2,535 polling stations in 20 districts, with a total of 4 candidates, consisting of

Applicant No. 1 Mrs. Ratchanee Polsue, Independent Applicant

Candidate No. 2 Seksit Wai Niyompong from Pheu Thai Party

Applicant No. 3 Ms. Yotka Koturaphan, Independent Applicant

Candidate No. 4 Mrs. Chureeporn Sinthuprai Independent Applicant

which is expected to be counted

And the results were announced informally within 24.00 today, however, at about 19.00 hours ago, the unofficial results of the vote count were revealed.

Applicant No. 1 Mrs. Ratchanee got 27,473 points

Applicant No. 2 Mr. Seksit got 76,630 points

Applicant No. 3 Ms. Yotaka got 1232 points

Applicant No. 4 Mrs. Chureeporn got 30,678 points

Later, at around 8 p.m., there was an unofficial report on the results of the vote counting.

Applicant No. 1 Mrs. Ratchanee got 92,167 points

Applicant No. 2 Mr. Seksit got 204,743 points

Applicant No. 3 Ms. Yotaka got 4,081 points

Applicant No. 4 Mrs. Chureeporn got 84,213 points

If the score is still in accordance with this

It is considered to have achieved the goal that the Pheu Thai Party sent Ms. Phaethongtarn Shinawatra, head of the Pheu Thai family.

and Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Participation and Innovation, along with Mr. Nattawut Saikua, Director of the Pheu Thai Family, Mr. Chaturon Chaisang, and Pheu Thai Party leaders.

went to the area to give a speech to help Mr. Seksit campaign on 16-19 Sept. ago

by asking Roi Et people to vote in a land slide

The reporter added that the same day Ms. Linthiphon

Warinwatchararot or Arunee Kasayanon, deputy secretary-general of the Pheu Thai Party (PAD), posted a personal Facebook page that unofficially with the election victory over the prime minister of Roi Et Province #Landside for Thai

Mr Dump Suriyo, director of the Roi Et provincial election office, said that after the polling box was opened for repairs from the morning until 15:00, all 2,535 elections held in 20 districts were in order and elections were resumed as usual.

Although some districts around the outskirts have a little rain.

But it's not a problem for elections.

Overall assessment, people gradually came out to use their rights.

As for the wrongdoing or violation of the election

Found that people tear up one ballot at Kwan Mueang Subdistrict, Selaphum District, while protesting against the election until today

There are 2 matters submitted to the Election Commission, which are petitions based on the applicant's right.

which must check the clear information again

without being able to disclose such information

because it will affect applicants

In which this matter, the subcommittee for investigation and investigation under the authority of

The Election Commission will investigate later.