For high-end disputes, Ke Zhien said that the Tsai government should come out and make it clear.

(Photo by reporter Hong Chenhong)

[Reporter Hong Chenhong / Kaohsiung Report] Japan's tourism will be lifted in October, but three-dose vaccine certification is required, and domestic high-end products are not certified, causing Blue Camp to criticize the vaccine policy. KMT Kaohsiung mayoral candidate Ke Zhien pointed out in an interview today , the DPP government must apologize to the Chinese people, and the Tsai government must make it clear; she also said that, as far as she is concerned, if the high-end can get international certification, she is still very happy.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced a significant relaxation of the entry policy, Japan will open up free travel in October, and the Japanese government has not included high-end certified vaccines, causing waves in Taiwan.

When Ke Zhien visited Niaosong Wetland today, the media asked whether the DPP government must apologize.

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Ke Zhien said that we were going to apologize to the Chinese people. The most important thing is that we are very friendly with Japan. Japan does not certify high-end vaccines, so our passengers must pay 3,500 yuan for PCR at their own expense. Who should pay for this?

If you ask the government to pay, the people will say that this is the tax money of the people. When you played the high-end, you voluntarily made it. Why should you pay this money?

When the government was promoting high-end vaccines, the opposition party mentioned that there are some problems with international certification. The Cai government will definitely clarify this matter.

She said that of course, evidence must be presented to tell the world whether Taiwan's high-end vaccines can pass international certification. For her, of course, she is very happy to be able to pass international certification, but other issues that arise, the CDC (CDC) ) also come out and make it clear.