Belarus, Syria, Egypt, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay, Togo and the Republic of South Africa

actually became complicit in the fake


that Russia is conducting in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

Representatives of these countries took on the role of foreign "observers".   

This was reported by the Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine.

"These days, the occupying Russian authorities are making considerable attempts at any cost to hold their pseudo-referendums in the temporarily occupied territories. And they insist that they will be transparent and legitimate. For this, they even called in foreign observers. In fact, they are participating in a collective crime against the sovereign of the independent state of Ukraine," the message reads.

The ministry noted that, in addition to the name list of all participants in this crime, the Ukrainian authorities also have the exact addresses of all pseudo-precincts, the number of pseudo-voters attached to them, detailed routes that the occupiers are going to take to "collect" votes, even their car numbers and data drivers

They also emphasized that referendums in the temporarily occupied territories are absolutely illegal both according to the laws of Ukraine and international legal documents.

The entry, stay and performance of any activity by so-called foreign observers in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories are also illegal.

"We appeal to foreigners: everyone who dares to indulge criminals will become criminals themselves! It will not be possible to avoid responsibility!"

- the ministry warned.

It will be recalled that

the occupiers "falsified" the results of fake referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine at the beginning of September


At the same time, documents were signed on the inclusion of the "DPR" in Russia.

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