Israel's ambassador in Kyiv announced today that the Jewish state will accept for treatment 20 Ukrainian soldiers wounded during the seven-month conflict with Russian forces, to treat them, AFP reported, quoted by BTA.

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Israel will accept for treatment 20 Ukrainian soldiers who were seriously wounded during the war, said Michael Brodsky.

"The first two soldiers will arrive in Israel today and will be admitted to Tel Hashomer hospital near Tel Aviv," said the diplomat, who has been working in Kyiv since July 2021.

"Treatment includes prosthetics and rehabilitation," Ambassador Brodsky added.

A medical source said two soldiers were traveling to Israel, and a spokesman for the Ukrainian embassy in Tel Aviv said the first patients would arrive soon.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, Israel has adopted a cautious stance, emphasizing its privileged ties to both countries.

The country refrained from supplying arms to Ukraine, but sent defense equipment, including helmets and body armor, the Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital Center opened a field hospital in Ukraine for a period of 6 weeks.

In addition, ties with Moscow are seen as key to preserving Israel's ability to carry out airstrikes in Syria, where Moscow is present and supporting the regime.

Israel specifically targets groups close to Iran, its number one enemy.

Last but not least, Israel is home to over 1 million citizens who are of former Soviet origin.

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine began in February, tens of thousands of Russian and Ukrainian immigrants have arrived in Israel fleeing the war between their two countries.

According to Israeli media, attempts by Russians who are eligible for Israeli citizenship to join the Jewish state are currently accelerating after President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization on Wednesday as part of his war against Ukraine.

A former rival of Vladimir Putin for the Kremlin has arrived in Israel

Russian invasion of Ukraine