Your jokes killed Fiona. After a bad start in studying at Melbourne University, things are finally looking up. Poor at the University of Melbourne

At the end of the day, things get better. The phrase looking up means improving or getting better 'improved or better'.

Make for means 'to' 'to continue', e.g. After the meeting they made straight for the university.

They go straight to the university. Also make for means help to promote or help to achieve 'help promote' 'help accomplish' My children made for light work around the farm.

at the farm until the end

The phrase make out has several meanings.

In the first meaning it's a bad thing, meaning 'have sex' or 'sleep together'. A foreigner might say to you I'd love to make out with you.

You have to say no, because it means 'I want to take you to bed,' said Maria from Syria, muffled in her throat.

Arthur complained that I couldn't make out what Maria was trying to say.

Readers, make out in this sense is understand or comprehend 'understand'.

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai