No-party Taipei mayoral candidate Huang Shanshan held the inaugural meeting of the campaign headquarters today, with Taipei Mayor Ko Wenzhe as honorary chairman and PFP vice-chairman Zhang Zhaoxiong as vice-chairman, but the high-profile PFP chairman James Soong did not show up.

(Photo by reporter Zheng Mingxiang)

[Reporter Zheng Mingxiang/Taipei Report] Huang Shanshan, a candidate for mayor of Taipei without a party membership, held the inaugural meeting of the election headquarters today. James Soong did not show up; in addition, Li Hongyuan, the former Minister of the Interior, former Minister of the Interior, and Zhai Benqiao, a municipal advisor to the Taipei City Government, served as the "strategic chief" as the director-general.

Huang Shanshan held the inaugural meeting of the election headquarters at Chung Cheng Hall, Boai Campus, Taipei City University today. All the candidates for Taipei City Councillors from the People's Party attended, and Ko Wenzhe handed over the battle flag to Huang Shanshan as the honorary chairman, looking forward to a strong inheritance. As for Huang Shanshan, whose party membership is the People First Party, although the vice chairman Zhang Zhaoxiong and his wife showed up to support him today, James Soong was still not seen.

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The lineup of Huang Shanshan's campaign team was also officially announced. In addition to Li Hongyuan serving as the general policy advisor, Guo Xusong, the former president of Yangming University, served as the president of the support club. The outside world interprets that there is an attempt to attack the power of the times and the supporters of former legislator Huang Guochang; Huang Shanshan said that Zhai Benqiao is not a party member, but he is happy to see the support of friends from all walks of life.

Lai Xiangling, a legislator of the People's Party and candidate for mayor of Taoyuan, was also present to support, but Gao Hongan, the mayoral candidate of the People's Party of Hsinchu, who was caught in a storm of papers, was not seen. Come, each with their own arrangements.