Russia received about 300 Iranian-made drones of various types.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov told about it. 

"We are already capturing these drones, we already understand how to shoot them down. So far, the problem is the night, because they cannot be seen, but they can be heard," the expert said.

Zhdanov also added that the Armed Forces already have anti-drone guns and other means of combating this enemy equipment.

"In addition, we still have supplies from other countries that specialize in these matters. So far, the supply (of Iranian drones - ed.) has been stopped. There were three IL-76s. They landed in Vnukovo. Most likely, they brought these 300 drones," the expert added.

We will remind you that the Russian invaders in the south of Ukraine are massively attacking peaceful settlements with drones that were sold to Russia by Iran

Most of the Iranian drones were shot down, but one person died as a result of their attack.

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