Japan's tourism was lifted in October, but domestic high-end products were not included in the vaccine certification. Today (25) Hiyaita Akio published an article of nearly 1,000 words on Facebook in response to this.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Japan's tourism will be lifted in October, and three doses of vaccine certification are required, but domestic high-end vaccines have not been included in the certification, which has caused a high degree of discussion. Today (25th), 3 doses of high-end Yaita Akio were taken, with The PCR test report costing NT$3,500 was returned to Japan, and a nearly 1,000-word article was published on Facebook to respond to the matter.

Akio Yaita said in the article that both the United States and Japan have spent tens of billions of dollars to develop vaccines, and the Japanese government has even decided to add 500 billion yen in research funding in the future, but the United States and Japan have rarely heard criticism from opposition parties. On the other hand, the Taiwan government provides high-end research and development funds of hundreds of millions of Taiwan dollars, and the opposition parties continue to resist it, using it as the most powerful weapon to attack the ruling party, but these funds are not even a fraction of other countries.

Akio Yaita emphasized that "Vaccines are the most important 'strategic materials'. If you cannot produce them yourself, you are putting your fate in the hands of others."

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In addition, Akio Yaita mentioned that he knew that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health and Welfare had been working hard to negotiate with the Japanese side for the past year, hoping that the Japanese government would recognize high-end vaccines. It can dispel concerns about high-end vaccines.

Akio Yaita also apologized in the article. He believes that "as a reporter from a major Japanese media stationed in Taiwan, although I have written many reports about Taiwan's independent development of vaccines, it has not been able to influence the policy of the Japanese government." He is very sorry for this. , but at the same time he also believes that the Japanese government's approach is wrong; in the end, Akio Yaita promised that he will continue to work hard to write articles in the future, calling on the Japanese government to recognize high-end vaccines as soon as possible.