Non-party mayoral candidate Huang Shanshan attended the "Wanhua Shuangfu Palace Chongyang Respect for the Elderly" on the 25th to win public support.

(Photo by reporter Luo Peide)

[Reporter Zheng Mingxiang/Taipei Report] The non-party mayor of Taipei, Huang Shanshan, put forward health policies including the upgrade of the Municipal United Hospital and the expansion of long-term care, which was criticized by Guan Biling, the general convener of the policy group of the election headquarters of the DPP candidate Chen Shizhong, as a "consolidated car". Chen Shizhong today also believes that Huang does not understand the direction of the Beijing Municipal Government's handling of the joint medical treatment, and may have to "make a big turn"; in this regard, Huang Shanshan countered today, and the policy proposed by Chen Shizhong is a "hodgepodge".

Huang Shanshan attended the Chongyang Respect for the Elderly at Wanhua Shuangfu Palace today. After the meeting, the interviewer responded that the health policy was criticized as an assembled car, saying that the picture card can only enlarge the project, and will still propose specific policies in the future, and criticized if she is an assembled car , then the policy proposed by Chen Shizhong is a "hodgepodge".

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Huang Shanshan further pointed out that when he served as the deputy mayor in the past, he was in charge of the food safety and long-term care committees, and the relevant policies of the Beijing Municipal Government were very specific. Chen Shizhong should read it clearly before criticizing it.

As for recruiting Guo Xusong, the former president of Yangming University from the medical field, to serve as the president of the support association, Huang Shanshan said that Guo Xusong was not only from the medical field, but also served as the president of a national university. Support, but also to strive for support from all walks of life.