Non-party mayoral candidate Huang Shanshan attended the "Wanhua Shuangfu Palace Chongyang Respect for the Elderly" on the 25th to win public support.

(Photo by reporter Luo Peide)

[Reporter Zheng Mingxiang/Taipei Report] Senior media person Zhou Yukou recently slammed the past scandals of the Kuomintang Taipei mayoral candidate Jiang Wanan's father Jiang Xiaoyan. Not only was the blue and white criticized as having no lower limit for the election, it was rumored that the green camp also intended to cut; Taipei mayor without party membership Candidate Huang Shanshan said today that the DPP has been raising flanks for so long that it has become a self-propelled gun.

Zhou Yukou broke the news about Jiang Wanan's life experience and Jiang Xiaoyan's scandal for several days, which caused a lot of criticism, and even believed that this move may cause more harm to Chen Shizhong's election situation; Chen Shizhong shouted yesterday, "Vote for Jiang Wanan is to vote for Zhou Yukou", in order to call on the outside world to not Buckle the hat.

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Huang Shanshan went to Wanhua Shuangfu Palace for ginseng this morning. In an interview after the meeting, she said that the DPP has been supporting its flanks for a long time, so that it has become a self-propelled cannon. Now she should "regret it". She also responded to Zhou Yukou's criticism of her own confusion in logic. , with Zhou Yukou's credibility should be evaluated by the people, whose logic is in question.