Lu Xiuyan put on a campaign ribbon for Chen Chengtian.

(Photo by reporter Xu Guozhen)

[Reporter Xu Guozhen/Taichung report] Two months before the polling day, Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan, who is seeking re-election, attended two joint election meetings on the morning of the 25th, first for the Southeast District City Council candidate Lin Peihan, and then returned to the platform. Beitun District participated in the establishment of the joint competition of Senator Chen Chengtian, and she was surrounded by supporters when she was there. She was very grateful to Chen for working hard with her to build Beitun, and agreed to continue to work hard for Taichung and Beitun.

Lu Xiuyan attended the inaugural meeting of the Beitun District Councillor Chen Chengtian and the joint competition. Supporters shouted "frozen garlic". The scene was lively. When Lu Xiuyan put on the campaign ribbon for Chen, she said that she was born in Beitun, from the provincial councillor, the sixth term From legislator to mayor, she has been deeply involved in Beitun for 30 years, and has invested more than 10 billion yuan in Beitun. These constructions are not only done by Lu Xiuyan and the city government team, but also by Councilman Chen Chengtian. Thank you very much "A Tim" efforts of MPs.

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Lu Xiuyan also mentioned that with the development of Beitun in recent years, more and more families have moved in. Not only the Beitun Social Housing and Lizhi Laoshu Park have been completed, but the Beitun National Sports Center and Beitun Songqiang Elementary School have all started construction one after another, proving that she The political opinions shouted are not just slogans, but the real construction of Beitun. They also sincerely appeal to the villagers. A good lawmaker like Chen Chengtian must ask for the support of the citizens, and continue to work hard for Taichung and Beitun together.

Accompanying them to attend the two joint campaign headquarters inauguration meetings were Legislator Jiang Qichen, Legislator Yang Qiongying, Kuomintang Taichung Party Committee Chairman Yan Wenzheng and other Lu Xiuyan campaign chief executives, Taichung Deputy Mayor Huang Guorong, Taichung City Councillors Li Zhong and Li Lihua , Huang Xinhui, Lin Rende, the speaker of the front desk, former city councilor Lai Yinian, municipal consultant Chen Fengqi and others.

Lu Xiuyan appealed to the villagers to support Chen Chengtian.

(Photo by reporter Xu Guozhen)