Taiwan People's Party's candidate for the mayor of Hsinchu, Gao Hongan (2nd from left) sang "Faith" together with Chen Liji (2nd from right), a candidate for the Hsinchu County Council of the same party.

(Photo by reporter Huang Meizhu)

[Reporter Huang Meizhu / Hsinchu Report] Chen Liji, a candidate for the Hsinchu County Council of the Taiwan People's Party, set up the campaign headquarters today. Gao Hongan, a candidate for the mayor of Hsinchu, crossed the Touqian River to help out, and sang with Chen Liji and other party candidates. "belief".

When Gao Hongan sang "I don't want to follow the trend and persevere to the end", "Don't forget the original intention in your heart, keep your conscience and don't bow your head, move forward bravely, don't give up, go forward!" When he couldn't help but say, "Hey, this song is quite a feeling to sing at this time. Yes!", "Compared with some recent events." The supporters immediately cheered with applause and screams.

At today's rally, although Party Chairman Ke Wenzhe did not show up, Dad Ke and Mom Ke were also present to support each other. Lin Guannian, a candidate for the mayoral election of Zhubei from the same party, also joined together to raise his momentum.

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Chen Liji, who has served in the Industrial Technology Research Institute for a long time and won the honor of being a national model worker last year, said that he has worked in a legal person for a long time, and he understands that improving the industrial progress, driving labor rights and interests to operate better, and creating more investment and employment opportunities are the most important goals of a legal person.

Chen Liji said that he is from Taipei and feels that Zhubei now is just like Taipei when he was a child. Let him think about whether there is a chance to make Zhubei better?

He said that in the past, he had executed large-scale government projects in the industrial development promotion office in the southern part of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, and successfully promoted many projects and created industries to accelerate investment of 5 billion yuan within one year.

After returning to Hsinchu, he followed everything he had learned at the time. From 2017 to 2021, he successfully created 130 high-level job opportunities and brought in more than 200 million investment in the industry, thus earning him recognition as a national model worker.

He said that the county government has been actively attracting investment for many years, and during this period, the rights and interests of laborers need to be well checked and improved, so he wants to bring the practical experience accumulated while serving in the Industrial Technology Research Institute to enter the parliament to serve the villagers.

Gao Hongan said that she knew Chen Liji at the speech venue of the People's Party State and Political Class. She was the keynote speaker and he was the audience. After exchanges between the two sides, they found that they had very similar backgrounds. She has a certain understanding of the media of the country and the information society, and also knows how to promote the triple win of industries, schools and research units in Zhubei City and Hsinchu City, so she sincerely recommends professionals like Chen Liji who understand industry, innovation and counseling people enter the county council.

Gao Hongan said that the People's Party does not have the resources of the blue and green two major parties, and it cannot control the media and the community like them and say what they want to say.

But Gao Hongan believes that people's hearts cannot be manipulated. If today everyone can open their eyes to see who the candidate standing in front of them is, instead of getting to know every candidate through the controlled media or community People, she believes that everyone will find that the candidates of the Taiwan People's Party are really good.

Taiwan People's Party's candidate for the mayor of Hsinchu, Gao Hongan (left), stepped over Touqianxi today to stand for Chen Liji (right), a candidate for the Hsinchu County Council of the same party.

(Photo by reporter Huang Meizhu)

Taiwan People's Party's candidate for Hsinchu County Council Chen Liji (2nd from right) set up the campaign headquarters today. Dad Ke (1st from left to right), Ma Ke and fellow candidate for the mayor of Bamboo, Gao Hongan, all came to cheer.

(Photo by reporter Huang Meizhu)