Teachers in the Smolensk region of Russia talked about their participation in the mobilization of fellow residents.

Drivers under 48 years of age are mostly encouraged.

This was reported by rosZMI.

According to the teachers, out of 30 summonses, only three can be delivered.

Several Smolensk teachers talked about how their participation in issuing summonses for war was organized.

"At each school, 2-3 people should be involved in handing out summonses. Before that, they were called to talk to the director and the head teacher and explained why this mission is important," say the teachers.

According to the source, some education workers still refused. 

It is reported that most of the summonses are addressed to men with military accounting specialty No. 837, No. 845, No. 846.

These are drivers of vehicles of category C, D and E. Among the mobilized are privates, sergeants, corporals and ensigns, born in 1974 and ending in 1997.

According to one of the interlocutors of the source, the people at the addresses either cannot be found, or they have left, and some write a refusal to receive the summons.

On average, out of 30 summonses, only three can be served.

It will be recalled that the 

USA took to the sky rare planes that monitor Russian nuclear missiles.

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