3 February 1997-24 February 2022 When is 25 years written to Ukraine?

To open the sky to the world, it must provide information to serve the readers who respect that.

This country has an area of ​​603,550 square kilometers.

It borders Russia, Belarus, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Black Sea. Its population is 42 million, 77.8 percent are Ukrainians and 17.3 percent are Russians.

But now, I can't open the sky to the world to write to Ukraine like this anymore.

Since becoming a new independence on August 24, 1991, Ukraine has had a 'violent' problem between Ukrainian citizens of Ukrainian nationality.

speak ukraine

with Ukrainian citizens of Russian nationality

speak russian

A.D. 1169 or 853 years ago, when the Thai land was still in the kingdom of Dvaravati, Srivijaya, Yonok, Chiang Saen, including before Jayavarman VII gathered the Chao Phraya River basin and sent the Khmer governor. come to rule

ancestors of the Ukrainian people

Ukrainian ethnicity

be a citizen of

'Halish Principality-Volinia', in which Kiev is also in this Grand Duchy.

The people of the Principality of Halic-Volineia fear the Asian Mongols will sting away.

Because they just sit on horseback and swing their swords around.

It defeated the ancestors of the Ukrainian people until 1239 AD (if we believe the history of Thailand written for us to recite since childhood), that is, after Father Khun Sri Inthrabodinthrathit was established as a predecessor. King of the Sukhothai Kingdom for 30 years in the land of the Principality of Halich-Volinia.

The Ukrainian ancestors fought against the Mongols for less than a year.

was killed by the Mongols in large numbers

Many Ukrainians fled to Hungary and Poland.

The Mongols empowered the local rulers to take care of collecting taxes and collecting tributes.

People in the old days had to live together as a group.

Each group had a ruler.

The Mongols ordered the ruler of Moscow, 500 kilometers from Kiev, to collect taxes and collect tributes for them. a mainland name

'Kingdom of Muscovy', then declared free.

No more sending taxes and tributes to the Mongols.

After the Principality of Halic-Volinia

Ukraine rarely tasted the taste of Tai.

because they tend to fall under the rule of other nations all along

In the mid-14th century, a Lithuanian king marries a Polish queen.

then expanded Lithuania's empire to seize what is now northwestern and central Ukraine.

Poland during the time of Kazimir the Great

(1333-1370 AD) occupied Eastern Ukraine.

After the Lithuanian princes ascended the Polish throne

He gathered the power of two lands to drive the Mongols and the Germans out.

The people of this region are Catholics following the Poles.

Half a thousand kilometers from Kiev

The Muscovy Empire was determined to develop into a large and strong monarch.

His name was Tsar Ivan III or Tsar Ivan the Great.

This is the sar.

That led the Russian army to seize what is now eastern Ukraine and the Crimea peninsula from Poland and Lithuania.

The two kingdoms then formed a commonwealth to fight.

Name of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Where is the land that Russia has not yet seized?

It belongs to Poland - Lithuania.

The land that is today Ukraine is very rich.

Whatever plant you throw into it will sprout.

The Polish court then ordered the Polish farmers to come in and make a living.

The original Ukrainians still had their own Principality of Halic-Volinia.

Their ancestors fled the Mongols to Poland and Hungary for hundreds of years.

Ukrainian nobles and nobles favored government service and were engulfed in the Polish royal court.

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Nitikarun Mingruchiralai