On September 22, five released British citizens - Aiden Aslin, Sean Pinner, John Harding, Dylan Hill and Andrew Hill - returned home.

The British became part of a large exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine.

Aiden Aslin has returned to the UK after spending several months

in captivity

in the so-called "DPR".

The BBC writes about it.

He said that the prisoners were forced to sing the national anthem of Russia every morning.

"And if someone didn't sing, he was punished for it. He was beaten," he said.

The former prisoner recalled that during his stay in captivity he was cut with a knife and beaten because of his tattoo.

Recalling the moment he was stabbed in the back, Aslin said: "I knew there was a very high possibility that I would be killed."

Then the Russian guarding him asked: "Do you want a quick death or a beautiful death?"

When he replied that he wanted a quick death, he was told, "You will have a beautiful death, and I will make sure it is a beautiful death."

Earlier it was reported that in Izyum, as well as in other cities of the Kharkiv region, Russian inhumans set up a prison and a torture chamber.

The police showed what the base of the Russian occupiers in Izyum looks like, where the invaders set up a prison and a torture chamber.

Law enforcement officers found magazines with a list of detainees kept by the Russians, as well as torture instruments - electric cables.

Prisoners were electrocuted.

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