At one of his recent performances,

Artem Pivovarov

not only performed his hits, but also chatted with a little girl who was present in the hall.

During his concert, the performer gathered a bunch of children around him and led them on an impromptu excursion into the history of Ukraine.

Artem shared the video on his Instagram.

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"Our Cossacks, who defend our country, prove and have proven this - back in the days of Khmelnytsky, Zaporizhzhya Sich, Khotyn Battle - we were in the minority and managed to resist the enemy. There were fewer of us, but we stood and never fell to our knees , never," Pivovarov said from the stage.

Children with delight listening to the singer, sitting with him on the edge of the stage.

Fans also expressed their respect for the artist in the comments.

  • Tyoma, you and the children are incredible!

  • Thank you!

    You're the best!

  • You are a very smart guy!

We will remind you that recently Artem Pyvovarov

stopped his concert for the sake of a boy

in the audience who lost a loved one during the war.

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