The municipality of Dupnitsa plans to take out a new overdraft loan in the amount of BGN 500 thousand.

This is clear from the report of the mayor Eng. Metodi Chimev to the Municipal Council for its upcoming meeting.

Its repayment will be for a period of 1 year, BNR reported.

The municipality draws an overdraft loan of BGN 500,000 in 2021 as well, which expires by the end of October of that year, and resorts to a new loan for after that date.

The arguments are that this will cover urgent and urgent expenses in the event of a temporary cash shortage.

Mayor Metodi Chimev also points out the low interest rates on loans at the moment.

At the end of the half year, the municipal government in Dupnitsa announced a stable financial situation despite the exorbitant prices of gas, electricity and rising prices.

Recently, the Municipality took a loan of 1 million.

BGN for urgent repairs to the water supply network of three of the largest villages - Yahinovo, Samoranovo and Jerman.

Forecasts are to resort to a new loan of 1 million.

BGN and in order to avoid the bankruptcy of VK-Dupnitsa, whose liabilities are nearly BGN 2 million.

The new overdraft loan is included in the municipal budget for 2022.

Residents of the village of Samoranovo in Dupnis complain of daily accidents on the water supply network