This does not mean that Odesa is at risk of a full-scale invasion by the occupying army, but the occupiers may continue to attack the city with kamikaze drones. 

Military expert Oleksandr Kovalenko said this on TSN

"It gives the impression that something large-scale and global is being prepared for Odesa. But in fact, no. Russia used Iranian Shahed 136 kamikaze drones to strike the city. This is a large-caliber munition that they use to destroy heavily armored equipment, for example, tanks. They can also be launched at buildings. These drones can be used directly in combat zones. However, if the equipment is moving, this UAV cannot destroy it, because they are designed for static objects," he explained Kovalenko. 

A military expert noted that Russia is trying to save on its missiles in this way. 

"If we take into account the fact that there are no missile strikes on Odessa now, then the Russian Federation has replaced them with cheaper methods. Shahed is accompanied by 136 Mohajer-6 drones. One such drone was shot down and captured. It is already being studied: by the Armed Forces and not only. This does not indicate that that Odesa is under threat of invasion. However, there is a high threat of a drone attack," Oleksandr Kovalenko stressed. 

We will remind, on Sunday, September 25, Odesa was again attacked by Iranian kamikaze drones.

In total, the Russians launched four kamikaze drones at Odessa, one of them was shot down, and three were aimed at the administrative building in the center of the city.

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