Chen Dexian (5th from the right), the representative of Liujiao villagers in Chiayi County, was re-elected as the village representative.

(taken from Chen Dexian's Facebook)

[Reporter Lin Yizhang/Chiayi Report] Huang Mingshi, chairman of the Liujiao Township Villagers Representative Association of Chiayi County, will be elected to the Liujiao Township Headquarters in the local election at the end of the year. It was rumored that Chen Dexian, the incumbent representative of the villagers in the first electoral district, has been well received for his good service. Chen Dexian clarified in an interview today that he has no intention of competing for the chairman of the representative council, but only hopes to be affirmed by the villagers again and continue to serve as a representative for the next term.

Chen Dexian is the third and fourth director of the Chiayi County Funeral Business Association, serving two terms of Liujiao Township

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People's representatives have served the local area for many years; in the election at the end of the year, the first constituency of Liujiao Township's village representatives should be elected for 5 seats, and 9 people registered for the election. The competition is very fierce.

Chen Dexian's service is well received by the villagers. It is possible that he will be the chairman of the villagers' representative association after the local news. Chen Dexian said that he has not stated that he wants to choose the chairman. He thanked the villagers for their support and let him serve Liujiao Township. I hope to be re-elected to speak out for the people and fight for welfare.