Chen Shi, the Democratic Progressive Party's candidate for mayor of Taipei, went to Zhongtaiping Market to sweep the streets in the morning, greeted the vendors and the public to gain support, and interviewed before sweeping the streets.

(Photo by reporter Zhu Peixiong)

[Reporter Zheng Mingxiang/Taipei Report] Veteran media personality Zhou Yukoo recently bitten the Kuomintang Taipei mayor candidate Jiang Wanan's life experience, causing controversy; Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe satirized DPP candidate Chen Shizhong for pretending to be too slow and having "drug addiction syndrome".

In this regard, Chen Shizhong is now disapproving, and Ke shows off the medical term to describe that there is no situation, which proves that he has this symptom, and that he and Zhou Yukou only have official business contacts. The interviewer explained the policy clearly.

Zhou Yukou continued to attack Jiang Wanan's life and his father Jiang Xiaoyan's past love history, which made the outside world criticize the election campaign as "unlimited" and criticized Chen Shizhong for "cutting". It's too slow to ripen, it's like "detox syndrome".

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Chen Shizhong went to the Taiping market to sweep the streets. During the interview before the meeting, he retorted. Ke Wenzhe showed off medical terms to describe the non-existent situation, which proves that he has this symptom. In the past, he only had official business contacts with Zhou Yukou, and during the interview, he explained the policy clearly and accepted it. Social challenges, and what the host wants to talk about is a media arrangement, but the two "have no personal relationship at all."

Regarding Zhou Yukou's shouting that "voting for Chen Shizhong is voting for Zhou Yukou", Chen Shizhong said that it is inconvenient to comment because he has not watched the show, but he has never agreed with anyone, only expressing his opinion on the facts, "I don't want to hang with anyone." , does not agree with the use of past scandals as a political operation, and he will continue to introduce policies with the goal of being "the mayor of the whole people".