Delivering a special experience for the foodie line "One Siam" (ONE SIAM), a global destination that is a synergy of the World-class Shopping Center, namely Siam Paragon, Siam Center.

and Siam Discovery, 6 world-class famous restaurants that deliver unique deliciousness.

Come to appease the foodies in the heart of the city

Let's start at Siam Paragon, Gourmet Garden Zone, G floor. Elevate your dining experience with

Shabu Shabu and

Sukiyaki restaurant, premium from Japan, Nabezo Premium (Nabezo Premium) with unique tastes. and select

high quality raw materials

with superior service

Serving top quality ingredients such as A5 grade Omi-gyu beef, Top 3 beef from Shiga prefecture.

Japan, X-Wagyu Beef (Japanese F1 Beef), the best premium beef from Japan, Buri, the best Japanese fish with a unique sweet taste.

They also have Kurobuta pork.

Japanese black hairy pork, soft meat, brought to choose to eat.


Another Hound Café

comes with a new concept “Western Comfort Food with a Twist”, bringing Asian and Thai twists into the food, adding more flavor.

and depth to the taste is impeccable.

Whether it's Cha Cha Cha, spaghetti with black squid noodles stir-fried with chili garlic until fragrant.

mixed seafood

Shrimp and Squid

Top with salmon roe.

Or it's a dessert, Mixed Berry Trifle, a trifle, a British dessert.

Stuffed with custard made from Madagascar vanilla

berry family

and vanilla flavored sponge cake

Smooth served with mixed berry sauce inserted with chunky berries.

Garnish with caramel-coated cashews to add crunchiness.

and served with strawberry granita

give the perfect sweet and sour taste

Skip to Siam Center, 2nd floor, this minute must be given to

Gyukatsu Kyoto Katsugyu (Gyukatsu Kyoto Katsugyu),

a famous Japanese restaurant that opened its first branch in Thailand.

The number one fried breaded meat shop from Kyoto.

Outstanding and known for the selection of premium quality meat for a specific part.

with texture and juicy fat inserted

brought through a unique cooking process

Let's come together at

Guljak Topokki & Chicken (Goljak Topokki and Chicken)

, the original restaurant of fried chicken with tteokbokki.

Guaranteed by the award of the most popular restaurant in Korea for 5 years in a row and over 250 branches in Korea brought to everyone to enjoy.

comes with the concept

"Chicken Dim Tteok" that brings together two delicious dishes such as Tteokbokki Soup and hot fried chicken.

Olino Puzzle

Shop is a very chic pizza restaurant.

Add new menu Puzzle (Puzzle) special formula powder.

Its distinctive feature is that it is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. It can be eaten both savory and sweet.

Finally, the dessert menu at

Me More (Me More)

Floor M offers homemade gelato ice cream.

Unique taste

For example, the special menu "Kluay Khaek" ice cream with a mellow flavor gives a full banana flavor.

Serve with crispy crumble.

Smells like eating freshly fried bananas without oil.

“OneSIAM (ONESIAM)” offers continued value with a special promotion for dining at Siam Paragon.

Siam Center

and Siam Discovery, at a minimum of 800 baht, redeem a Siam Gift Card worth 100 baht (the number of rights is limited) during 9 Sep.-24 Oct. 65.