Kuomintang Southern City Councilor Cai Shuhui (front left 3) was present on the platform for Zhuang Yuzhu, a candidate for South City Council without party membership. The two cherished each other.

(Photo by reporter Wang Junzhong)

[Reporter Wang Junzhong/Tainan Report] In the 8th year of the Tainan City Speaker Election, Zhuang Yuzhu, who was a DPP city councillor at the time, was expelled by the party for running the vote for the Kuomintang Li Quanjiao. He lost the parliamentary election four years ago and has so far been unable to return to the DPP.

Today, when the election headquarters was established, she resented that Li Quan’s lesson plan was unfair to her, so she decided to change into a non-party uniform and seek a comeback. Cai Shuhui, a Kuomintang general in the same constituency, came to the scene to offer her blessings, hoping that she and Zhuang would join hands in the parliament. , to fulfill the responsibilities of administrative supervision and service.

Zhuang Yuzhu’s father-in-law, Cai Jiexiong, was a heavyweight provincial councillor in Tainan for 7 consecutive terms. She inherited her father-in-law’s aspirations to represent the people. Influenced by high votes in the current parliamentary election.

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Zhuang pointed out that the court had returned her innocence in the election of the speaker, and she believed that she did not feel sorry for the voters. She and her colleagues from the DPP were called by the party to have their fingerprints printed, but the result was not announced. The city government has "set" that five party councillors, including her, run away. She wants to ask all the villagers in the past five terms of councillors, is she a citizen's representative who will get paid for her service?

She claims to be a congressman who does things and does not benefit from her services, which can be tested by voters, because she was sacrificed if she didn't do things for the faction, and she felt very cold. Li Quan's lesson plan was really unfair to her.

Zhuang Yuzhu emphasized that because many voters hate the blue-green battle, even if she goes into the election campaign and walks very hard, she still has no regrets wearing the uniform of a member of parliament as a non-party member. The founding spirit of "Love the Country" continued to work hard for the Tainan folks.

Zhuang Yuzhu’s team also put forward 6 major beef political opinions: 1. Strive to set up three-dimensional parking towers in Anping and South District to relieve the congested traffic on holidays; 2. Promote the Gold Coast to become an international coastal recreational area; With the satellite technology settlement of Luke, 4. Widely set up public childcare, long-term care institutions, and public social housing to reduce the pressure on people to bear children and raise houses and buy houses. 6. Strive to set up a "Youth Affairs Bureau" to solve the current living difficulties for young people.

Zhuang said that the establishment of the Jinggong Federation today has not been actively mobilized. Many local governors, opinion leaders, Cai Zhongshou, chairman of the Xishuwan Palace, Li Jinyi, the former representative of the state, Wang Dajin, a representative of the business community, Cai Shuhui, a member of the Kuomintang, and Du Su, a non-party member. Yindu came to the scene to support the friendship.

Cai Shuhui said that even if she "risked her life" on the platform, because of family affection, she would call Zhuang Yuzhu "brother and sister-in-law" and the friendship she had worked with in the parliament in the past. Enter the parliament and continue to work as a representative.

Former DPP representative Li Jinyi (2nd from left) puts on a campaign ribbon for Zhuang Yuzhu, a candidate for the Southern City Council without party membership.

(Photo by reporter Wang Junzhong)

Kuomintang Southern City Councilor Cai Shuhui raised the hand of Chuang Yuzhu, a candidate for a non-party city councillor, and shouted "Frozen Garlic", hoping that both of them would be able to re-enter the parliament.

(Photo by reporter Wang Junzhong)