Police officers in the southern Russian republic of Dagestan fired warning shots into the air during a protest today against the partial mobilization due to the "special military operation" in Ukraine, Reuters reported, citing local activists.

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The human rights group "OVD-Info" reported that residents of the village of Endirei blocked a street to stop representatives of the authorities.

Video footage shows police firing into the air, as well as clashes between security forces and local residents.

According to media reports, 110 residents of Endirey, with a total population of nearly 8,000 people, received a summons.

Over 700 detained in Russia during protests against mobilization

The predominantly Muslim Caucasian republic of Dagestan is among the Russian regions from which the most soldiers are recruited, observers say.

Activists complained that during the partial mobilization ordered on Wednesday, a disproportionate number of summonses were sent to representatives of minorities, according to Reuters.

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